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Program Features


The Modern Frontier and Materials Science

In the 21st century, humanity faces major challenges that differ from those experienced in the past. However, as civilization has advanced, humans have successfully triumphed over numerous complex problems. We believe in the importance of pushing the boundaries of materials science to solve the complex issues of modern society. In this program, students begin by developing specialist expertise in materials science. Then, they strive to become global leaders equipped with unyielding resolve and an ability to apply interdisciplinary, panoptic solutions to complex problems. Around 150 years ago, Hokkaido was the “frontier” of Japan. Now, the modern frontier involves discovering solutions to the various problems confronting modern society. Therefore, we wish to nurture next-generation leaders with a strong desire to explore and develop this frontier.

Advanced Integrated Education Program

Hokkaido University was the first Japanese university to establish a Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering by integrating several chemistry divisions of the Graduate School of Science and the Graduate School of Engineering. The new system of advanced chemistry education at graduate school level has since achieved exceptional results. Through collaborations between the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering and other graduate schools, the program provides education and research guidance covering a wide range of academic fields such as life science and materials engineering. Moreover, this progoram includes mathematical sciences education —an academic division that seeks to discover the underlying principles of all phenomena —enabling students to develop a panoptic capacity that transcends their specialist field. In addition, students learn how science and technology can effectively interact with society through activities that focus on communication in science and technology. After taking the special selection examination in the first year of the Master’s Program, participating students complete a five-year curriculum of research and education while being advised by their supervisor, co-supervisors, and mentors. Participating students are eligible for financial support starting in the first year of the program to enable comfortable progression to the doctoral course. The program also provides support related to post-Doctoralcareer paths (employment in industry, academia, and government).


Framework for Global Leader Development

Collaboration with internal and external research organizations: The curriculum is jointly administered by Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Graduate School of Life Science, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Environmental Science, and Research Center for Integrative Mathematics. In addition, education and research are administered with the support of the six faculties of the university and various associated research centers and institutes.

Collaboration with internal support organizations for human resource development: The Communication in Science and Technology Education and Research Program (CoSTEP), Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED), Human Resource Development Headquarters, and Frontier Chemistry Education and Research Center (FCC) provide substantial support to nurture global leaders.

Collaboration with overseas universities: We endeavor to improve internationality of the participating students through overseas training, summer camps, and symposiums in collaboration with more than ten overseas partner universities.

Collaboration with companies: Students participate in company internships and consortia programs in collaboration with Japanese companies. Interdisciplinary exchange in small groups: Five students from different academic fields form a group and work toward resolving complex problems faced by modern society through training exercises, debates, and collaborative research while receiving advice from the mentors.