Initiation of the 2016 Leading Self-Promotion Course

Introspective Intelligence

Initiation of the 2016 Leading Self-Promotion Course

In this program, the “Leading Self-Promotion Course” is offered in collaboration with the “Communication in Science & Technology Education & Research Program (CoSTEP)” from our university’s Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Open Education Center. Here, students acquire perspectives necessary for communicating specialized research content to non-specialists.

In the “Practical Introduction” lecture held on June 18, 2016, we explained all necessary elements of CoSTEP, from the initiation of planning to evaluation and review (which is the goal), while drawing on abundant examples of CoSTEP’s practical activities over more than 10 years. During the first year in the Doctorate Course Program, students will practice research Outreach Activities. We expect that the skills and techniques acquired in the Leading Self-Promotion Course will prove to be helpful when drawing up specific plans.

Report: Takashi Murai (Program Faculty)