Catalyst Development Based on One-to-One Guidance

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Catalyst Development Based on One-to-One Guidance

●Internship Location: Advanced Technology Development Institute (Toke), Showa Denko, Japan
●Date: August–September 2015 (49 days)
●Research Topic: The development of a cathode catalyst for a solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell.

This significant experience provided me the opportunity to discuss issues related to solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells used in fuel cell vehicles with corporate representatives, as well as allowed me to research documents thoroughly while carrying out a series of experiments. As the only intern, I was also fortunate enough to receive one-to-one instructions from people in charge of each experimental project. I shall utilize the guidance and knowledge acquired through experiments performed during this internship fully in my doctoral thesis.

Report: Akio Nitta, Program Student, the first year in doctor’s program, Division of Environmental Materials Science, Graduate School of Environmental Science