Leader’s Voice 02
Jin Mingu
First-Term Student Who Experienced the Overseas Internship
To Further Heights: Experience the Breadth of the World with Your Five Senses

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Leader’s Voice 02<br />Jin Mingu<br />First-Term Student Who Experienced the Overseas Internship<br />To Further Heights: Experience the Breadth of the World with Your Five Senses

Hokkaido University Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Department of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Organoelement Chemistry Lab
Doctorate Course, First Year

Jin Mingu


Specialized Research
Research on solid luminescent materials that demonstrate differing luminosity in response to mechanical stimuli. These materials will likely be applied to force-detecting sensors and high-functionality sensors. However, much room for improvement exists in the explanation of and control over these mechanisms. I am doing research to resolve these issues.

●My Path for Taking the Course
Went to Hokkaido University Aiming to Obtain a Doctorate.
My Eyes Were Opened to Organic Chemistry in Undergraduate Classes.

When I was a high school student, I completed the Advance Party of National Representatives Educational Program in order to participate in the International Physics Olympiad. I aimed to become a university researcher; hence, my desire to accumulate research experience at an overseas university was growing stronger by the day at that time. I took the entrance examination at Hokkaido University, which accepts government-sponsored international students. Hokkaido University’s support for students in various ways in advancing to graduate school also became a deciding factor.
After I started taking undergraduate classes, I gradually warmed up to the fun of organic chemistry. I was placed in the polymer functional chemistry laboratory (now called the polymer chemistry laboratory) in my fourth undergraduate year. Just before I finished undergraduate school, my advisor told me about the Leading Program , which provides generous financial support. I began taking the course from the first year of the Master’s Degree Program.

During my study abroad in America, I enjoyed popular musicals in my off time.

●Deeply Impressive Curriculum 1
Study Abroad Realizes Direct Dialog With the World’s Top-Class Researchers

Since my undergraduate student days, it has been my dream to do research in America; hence, my primary motivation for attending the Leading Program was the Overseas Internship. Thus, I made use of this program’s Overseas Travel Support, and in 2015, I attended an international academic conference in India by myself. I was stimulated by the research of Professor Miguel Garcia-Garibay, a world-famous chemist from UCLA, and when I directly communicated my desire to go there on an internship, he readily welcomed me.
Thereafter, I got the opportunity to introduce my advisor Hajime Ito to Professor Garcia-Garibay at a different international conference, received formal acknowledgment from both of them, and was then able to go to UCLA on an Overseas Internship.

●Deeply Impressive Curriculum 2
Never Take Your Eyes Off the Goal.
A Strong Will Produces Results

When I came to Japan from Korea, I was aware of the fact that there was a mountain of things I could gain from studying abroad. However, every day of the 3 months that I spent at UCLA, beginning in September 2016, was rich in content. Over there, it is all about liberalism and individualism with responsibility and results. That’s why everyone plays for keeps.
I was studying abroad to conduct international joint research with Professor Garcia-Garibay and others that was based on the research content developed from my ideas. To my great delight, I obtained the results that I wanted, and I am now consolidating my thesis.
By all means, please set a goal when you study abroad as well. Doing so will support you through all those days that pass in the blink of an eye.

The ability I acquired from my experience of studying abroad—which demanded strict self-management without core time—is “viability.”

●My Target Future Image
Increasing Desire to Do Research Overseas.
I Also Want to Grow as an Educator.

Once again, my hope is to advance my next research at UCLA, and I would like to go overseas again if I could do so in the final year of the Doctorate Course. Because of this program, I was able to fulfill my dream of performing overseas research without any economic anxieties. It was truly great that I was able to take the course!
Now, I have one more interest—education. I am still only half a researcher; however, through the image of my father, who was a university professor, and Professor Ito, who gives students the much needed push forward, I began to feel that training the next generation is a worthy endeavor. I want to fully enjoy this program to the very end, while being conscious of both research and education.