A Month Immersed in a Case Study of Phenomenon and Mathematic Theory

Overseas Internships

A Month Immersed in a Case Study of Phenomenon and Mathematic Theory

●Internship Location: McGill University, Montreal, Canada
●Advisor: Professor Michael C. Mackey
●Date: November–December 2015 (31 days)
●Research Topic: To learn an overseas’ perspective on mathematic integration and a mechanical approach to physiology.

I was able to establish connections between actual phenomenon and a discrete dynamical system, which was an area of my interest, through a case study of “phenomenon → formulation using differential equation → conversion to a discrete dynamical system → analysis using theory of discrete dynamical system.” This new knowledge of the connection between mathematic formula and phenomenon enabled me to comprehend the research topic and to seek out and tackle potential problems all within one month. Even now, Professor Mackey still consults me on my thesis over e-mails.

A Study Group Style Rich in Foreign Culture

I attended a study group on a weekly basis during my internship. In Japan, speakers give presentations standing in front using blackboard or projection screen though, on the other hand, at McGill University, a faculty member came to the students’ room and then everybody gathered around the presenter’s desk. He proceeded with the presentation with a personal computer and calculation sheets on his or her desk. This kind of arrangement was very fascinating to me, and I was made aware of the variety of study group styles adopted by overseas institutes.

Photo:Study room for graduate students.

Report: Fumihiko Nakamura, Program Student, the first year in doctor’s program, Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science.